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Hello! I'm Muriel Gray, a shamanic living counselor and a certified medium. I've been doing the work of my heart for over twenty five years, helping people just like you who wonder why you drift into the same patterns of behavior over and over, and whether or not there really is something more on the other side of all "this". 

My goal is to help you find answers and then learn how to put them into practical use during your time here on Earth. Through readings, classes, shamanic journeys, Earth centered ceremonies we come together to touch the Divine in ourselves and in each other. 

Services: 45 min psychic-medium reading = $40.00

The fees for shamanic living classes and counseling vary according to the needs of the client. Please contact me for details. 


Past life hang ups? Destructive current life patterns?  Rising Spirit's

 mission is to find your hidden potential and give you all necessary tools to develop and grow.


"Close both eyes to see with the other."



Schedule a counseling session, mediumship reading, or Reiki work.

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